Monday, May 26, 2008

Chicago Memorial Day

ChicagoMemorialDay, originally uploaded by focusedlight77.

Happy Memorial Day! I grabbed this one on Saturday downtown. I thought the parade was on Sunday or Monday, but they had it on Saturday...Who has a Memorial Day Parade TWO DAYS before Memorial Day??? Chicago, that's who.... doing there own thing since 1837.


Strangetastes said...

One of the classic Chicago scenes. I like the text on the marquee, announcing the city's Memorial Day parade and not a Broadway show. The exposure, focus and depth of field are perfect.

Chicago Laser Hair Removal said...

Wow I wish they had something like that down here in California! I mean there are a lot of people down here and it would most definitely be a memorable day in a kodak moment type of history!
It really does look like a fun event and I wonder what other events like it they have planned! :)
With events like this Im sure with its positivity it will only enhance smiles all around the world!