Wednesday, May 21, 2008

LSD Viaduct

Lake Shore Drive Viaduct @ Loyola University
Toyo 4x5 View Camera
Illford 100 Delta
f32 @ 2 Sec


Strangetastes said...

A colonnade with classical style and broken down details, one of the bits of a big city. It's images like this what make me chuckle whenever I see the City of Chicago's motto, Urbs In Horto.

Inevitably, some of your readers won't know the local abbreviation for that important road. You might get an email from someone asking where they can score.

babooshka said...

No I didn't know the motto, so thanks for enlightening me strangetastes. Still a great image, downtown or not.

BrianY said...
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BrianY said...

In fact, if this was taken at Loyola University (not anywhere near downtown), this would be the Sheridan Road viaduct, not Lake Shore Drive. LSD ends at Hollywood, 2/3 mile south of Loyola.