Sunday, April 6, 2008

Moving Day

Monika & I went over and cleaned the new apartment today. We are slowly packing up & moving all the boxes over, and hope to be totally in by Friday or Saturday. I really excited to be's WAY over due! I'm also really excited about doing City Daily Photo, I hope it helps me refine my photographic skills & eye a little more! Everyone needs practice ;-)

Anyways, on to the photo... This key is my new back door key... & I LOVE IT!!! My grandma had one just like it for her backdoor key when she lived in Jefferson Park, only 3 blocks from our new place. It brings back very fond memories of spending weekends at her house when I was young. I loved going over there when I was little boy....playing right across the street in Jefferson Park....going to Stanton hobby shop on Milwaukee. Wow is this going to be fun living down here!!!! I can't wait.

Canon 40D
Canon 17-15 f2.8 IS
f2.8 1/25 ISO200

1 comment:

Rose said...

wonderful composition.
Good luck with the new home