Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Postman

4350 N Cicero Ave ~ Raffe's Record Riot
"The name is no misnomer. This shop offers real records (as in vinyl) with a riotous array of variety. Every make, moniker and condition is available here. Those of us who have updated our audio equipment with the times need not fret. It also offers several new and used titles on cassette and compact disc. Finally, make sure to check out the poster selection, which offers pictures of bands of local interest as well as the more standard issues that are requisite for any college hipster's dorm room." ~ Metromix


Anonymous said...
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babooshka said...

I don't misss vinyl, but I do miss album covers. l love the expression on his face.

dailyphotochicago said...

Thanks for the comment babooshka...I was really surprised I didn't get more comments on it (it is one of MY favorites).

Expressions, I like to think, are a vital part of my photography. In this photo especially the expression makes the photo. This was one of many I took of the "postman" but most were tossed aside because the look on his face just wasn't quite right, but in this one everything just seemed to come together.